About Us

  • Eastern Asphalt has made a significant investment in the latest Batch Plant technology and control systems.
    • The plant utilises the most modern computer controlled systems to accurately monitor each phase of its production process to ensure each batch of asphalt strictly adheres to its design properties.


  • Eastern Asphalt Plant uses the most modern environmental controls to produce a more environmentally friendly product.
    • The plant uses carbon activated capture units to effectively filter out any odours produced by the manufacturing process.
    • All dust is captured during the manufacturing process by a large bag house unit
    • Liquefied Natural Gas, which is a more pure form of Natural Gas is used to dry all components used in the manufacturing of its asphalt products.


  • 80 tonne per hour capacity, backed by hot storage surge bins – allows us to boost capacity and produce various / multiple asphalt types on the run
    • The plant is equipped with 2 hot storage bins which hold 50 tonne of material each that can store hot asphalt for a period of up to 2 days allowing the plant to make a number of different products to service clients requiring different products around the same time.


  • Strategically placed to service, East Gippsland and Southern New South Wales
    • Eastern Asphalt is located in Bairnsdale Victoria.


  • Production of durable and hard wearing asphalt products for use in all road making scenarios.
    • Asphalt is produced using aggregates meeting VicRoads Class A specification.
    • Aggregate used has a PSV of 63 making it effective in areas where high levels of skid resistance are required.
  •  Products produced are Nata tested ensuring compliance to specifications


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